Society Observing

Society observing at Arlington Village Hall generally starts with an informal informational presentation regarding the current objects viewable in the night skies and then proceeds to observing if the skies are clear. If the skies are not clear general discussion and practical information is offered. This meeting is ideal if you wish to discuss how to use telescopes for observing or imaging, and to see some of the society telescopes in action. Coffee and biscuits are available for a small fee – proceeds to the society. Wrap up warmly as it can get cold.

Location: Arlington Village Hall, The Street, Arlington, Polegate, East Sussex BN26 6RX


Society Observing @ Arlington Village Hall
Mar 13 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Society Observing

This is the event for members to observe from a darker sky area or to get help with telescopes. We generally have a short presentation on what should be observable and may talk about telescopic or astronomical news items – then if it is clear we observe from outside the Hall. Teas and coffees are available at a small price.

Wrap up because it can get cold.

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