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Hope you managed to spot the aurora on the night of Fri 10th May 2024 … think we should call it The Great Aurora of 2024! Here are a couple of Smartphone photos from Uckfield by one of our committee members. Credit: Roy Marriott

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks

This looks more like the green comet than The Green Comet! Image: Alan Tidey – 10 minutes of 20 sec subs from Beachy Head – 24 Mar 2024


All our Society Newsletters, Orbits, from the initial formation of EAS in October 1960 have now been scanned, and made available on the website. The page is password protected so that only members can access the page, in accordance with some of our presenters. Contact the membership secretary or webmaster […]

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) – The Green Comet

This has been in the news a lot – however it hasn’t brightened quite as much as was forecast – so hasn’t really been a naked-eye object. Maybe next time it comes to visit … in 50,000 years! This image shows it with star trails – so you get some […]


The Library list (Member Information > The Library) has been updated. Contact Derek for any further information.

Great Conjunction

Well, the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21st Dec 2020 didn’t go quite to plan – it was cloudy and rainy! However I managed a quick photo the day before (when they were still of course very close) with my Smartphone and telescope. Just a single image so […]

Live Astronomy YouTube Channel

As mentioned to members, we have adopted some novel approaches in these challenging times. One new way to keep some kind of connection with EAS members, is with a new YouTube Channel Terry has set up a for his Willingdon Observatory. The idea is to Live Stream some astronomy sessions […]