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The current library list is shown below – members can borrow books free of charge. The Library is open at all Willingdon Lecture Meetings.

This list shows all EAS library books available for members to loan. Any specific book may be requested by emailing the librarian with the title or code on or on meeting sessions when they will be issued if available. The following general loan policy applies:

All EAS paid-up members may borrow and return books from the library on meeting nights. The maximum expected period of loan is three months and each loan will be automatically renewed at each subsequent meeting, unless returned. On the fourth renewal period, loans will be considered as ‘overdue’ and should be returned as soon as possible. There are no charges for overdue books but members are expected to comply with this arrangement. On initial loan, each subsequent renewal and on return, an email will be sent from to the lender to advise on the status of each book they have loaned. Overdue books will be similarly notified. Any queries concerning loaned books may be addressed on meeting nights or by emailing the above address.

Derek Irving – EAS Librarian – May 2022

Library  Catalogue:          Amended and Corrected:     03/04/2022
Title Code Author(s)
Accelerating Universe: The Infinite expansion A01 Mario Livio
Amateur Astronomer and His Telescope A02 Gunter Roth
Amateur Astronomers’s Photographic Lunar Atlas A03 Henry Hatfield
An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth A04 Chris Hadfield
Art of Astro Photography: The A05 Ian Morison
Art and Science of CCD Astronomy A06 David Ratledge (Ed)
Asteroids and Dwarf Planets: How to observe them A07 Roger Dymock
Astronomica A08 Fred Watson:  Chief consultant
Astronomer Royal: The A09 Emily Winterburn
Astronomers at Herstmonceux A10 Edited by Anthony Wilson
Astronomy Manual: Practical Guide to the Night Sky A11 Jane Green
Astronomy with a Budget Telescope A12 Patrick Moon & John Watson
Astronomy with a Home Computer A13 Neale Monks
Atlas of the Moon A14 Antonin Rukl
Atlas of the Night Sky A15 Storm Dunlop and Will Tirion
Atlas of the Universe  Introduction to Astronomy A16 Patrick Moore
Aurora:  The Sun-Earth interactions A17 Neil Bone
Amateur Astronomer, The A18 Patrick Moore
Amateur Telescope Making (2 volumes) A19A, B Albert G Ingalls
Backyard Astronomers Guide: The B01 Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer
Bang! The Complete History of the Universe B02 Brian May, Patrick Moore, Chis Lintott
Black Holes & Time Warps B04 Kip S.Thorne
Book of the Cosmos (Scientific American) B05 David H. Levy (Ed)
Brief Answers to the Big Questions B06 Stephen Hawking
Brief History of Time: A – From the Big Bang to Black Holes B07 Stephen Hawking
Building a Roll-Off Roof Observatory B08 John Hicks
Building and Using an Astronomical Observatory B09 Paul Doherty
Beyond B11 Stephen Walker
Calendar: The: The 5,000 year struggle to align the clock to the heavens C01 David Ewing Duncan
Cambridge Star Atlas: The C02 Wil Tirion
Choosing and Using A Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope C03 Rod Mollise
Cosmic Collisions: The Hubble Atlas of Merging Galaxies C04 Lars Christensen & David Martin
Cosmology Revealed: Living Inside the Cosmic Egg C05A Anthony Fairall
Cosmology Revealed: Living Inside the Cosmic Egg C05B Anthony Fairall
Crab Nebula: The C06 Simon Mitton
Dark Matter & Dark Energy:  The hidden 95% of the universe D01 Brian Clegg
Dark Side of the Universe: Dark matter, dark energy D02 Iain Nicolson
Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art D03 David Ratledge (ed)
Dragonfly:  NASA and the crisis aboard Mir D04 Bryan Burrough
Digital Astrophotography: D05 Stefan Seip
Edwin Hubble: Mariner of the Nebulae E01 Gale Christianson
Endurance:  A Year in Space E02 Scott Kelly
Enigma of Sunspots: The Story of discovery & Sci revolution E03 Judit Brody
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars E04 Patrick Moore
Exloring the Solar System   – Other Worlds E05 J.Kelly Beatty
Extraordinary life of Patrick Moore: Sky at Night & Beyond E06 Chris Bramley (Ed)
Extravagant Universe: The – Exploding stars, dark energy, E07 Rober P. Kirshner
Earth, Moon and Planets E08 Fred L Whipple
Features of the Near Side of the Moon F01 John Moore
Five Photons: Remarkable journeys of light across space F03 James Geach
15 Million Degrees F04 Lucie Green
Fabric of the Cosmos (The) F05 Brian Greene
Galaxies of the Local Group: The G01 Sidney van den Bergh
Getting the Measure of the Stars G02 Norman Walker & W.A. Cooper
Guide to the Constellations (Astronomy Now special issue) G03 Neil Bone/ Nik Szymanek
Hidden Universe H01 Lars Christensen/Robert Fosbury
Higgs: The Discovery of the God Partical H02 Jim Baggott
History of Astronomy: A from 1890 to the Present H03 David Leverington
How I killed Pluto and why it had it coming H04 Mike Brown
How to Identify Night Sky H05 Storm Dunlop and Will Tirion
Hubble: 15 years of Discovery H06 Lars Christensen & Bob Fosbury
Hubble Reborn: The story of the space telescope H07 Emily Baldwin/Keith Cooper
Hubble Space Telescope: The H08 David DeVorkin/Robert Smith
Hunt for Alien Life:  The H09 Peter Linde
Handbook of CCD Astronomy H10 Steve B Howell
Handbook for Telescope Making H11 N E Howard
Huibble – Universe Revealled H12 Singh Chadha
Hidden Reality (The) H13 Brian Greene
Impact: The threat of Comets & Asteroids I01 Gerrit Verschuur
Introduction to Planetary Sciences I02 Gunter Faure,Teresa Mensing
Infinity Rising I03 Nik Szymanek
Invisable Universe: The story of Radio Astronomy I04 Gerrit L. Verschuur
Introducing Astronomy I06 J B Sidgwick
Introduction to Astronomy C Payne-Gaposchkin
Jewel on the Mountaintop: The ESO through 50 years J01 Claus Madsen
Jupiter and How to Observe it J02 John W.McAnally
Knowledge Masters: Outer Space K01 Harry Ford
Last Three Minutes: The L01 Paul Davies
Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy L02 Lucien Rudaux & G Vaucouleurs
Making of History’s Greatest Star Map M01 Michael Perryman
Man Discovers the Galaxies M02 Berendzen/Hart/ Daniel Seeley
Mars: The Mystery Unfolds M03 Peter Cattermole
Mars: The real:  Spirit, Opportunity, Mars Express M04 Michael Hanlon
Messier Objects: The – Deep Sky Companions M06 Stephen Webb
Meteors: Observers Handbook M07 Stephen O’Meara
Meteor Showers: An Annotated catalogue M08 Gary Kronk
Meterorite Craters and Impact Structures of the Earh M09 Paul Hodge
Mission to Saturn: Cassini and Huygens Probe M10 David M. Hardland
Modern Theories of the Universe: From Herschel to Hubble M11 Michael J, Crowe
Moon: The M12 Patrick Moore
Moon, The Dr Percy Wilkins & Patrick Moore
Moon: The – and how to observe it M13 Peter Grego
Multiverse: In search of the M14 John Gribbin
Moonscapes M16 Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Nature of Space and Time: The N01 Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose
New Amateur Astronomer: The N02
New Eyes on the Universe: Twelve Cosmic Mysteries N03 Stephen Webb
Night Sky: Month by Month N04 Will Gater, Giles Sparrow
Norton’s  2000: Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (2 copies in lib) N05 Ian Ridpath
New Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology N07 Martin Rees
Observing and Photographing the Solar System O01 T. Dobbins, D.C. Parker, C.F. Capen
Observing Comets O02 Nick James & Gerald North
Observing & Imaging the Heavens: An Amateurs Guide O03 Ian Morison
Observing the Caldwell Objects O04 David Ratledge
Observing the Moon O05 Peter T. Wlasuk
Observing the Universe O06 Edited Andrew J. Norton
Observing Variable Stars: A guide for the beginner O07
Origins of the Universe: Microwave Background/Search for Quantum gravity O08 Keith Cooper
Orion Nebula: The – Where Stars are Born O09 David H. Levy
Our Evolving Universe O10 Malcolm S. Longair
Our Universes O11 Denys Wilkinson
Observers Handbook of Meteors O12 Neil Bone
Observers Year O13 Patrick Moore
Observational Astronomy for Amateurs O14 J B Sidgwick
Parallax: The Race to measure the cosmos P01 Alan Hirshfeld
Patrick Moore on Mars P02 Patrick Moore
Patterns in the Sky: Myths & Legends of the Stars P03 Julius D.W. Staal
Planetary Handbook: The Cambridge  … P04 Michael E Bakich
Planetary Sciences P05 Imke de Pater & Jack J. Lissauer
Practical Amateur Astronomer:  The P06 Ed P Moore
Practical Skywatching P07 Robert Bornham, Alan Dyer etc
Planisphere P08 Storm Dunlop
Planet Mercury, The P09 E M Antoniadi: Trans by Patrick Moore
Practical Amateur Astronomy Ed Patrick Moore
Real Astronomy with A Small Telescope R01 Michael Gainer
Redshift R02 McCrea
Royal Observatory Greenwich: The R03
Realm of the Nebulae, The R04 Edwin Hubble
Radio Astronomy R05 F Graham Smith
Satellites of the Outer Planets: Worlds in their own right S01 David Rothery
Secrets of the Universe S02 Paul Murdin
Shooting Stars S03 Nik Szymanek
Sky:The – A user’s guide S04 David H. Levy
Sky Is Your Laboratory: The S05 Robert Buchheim
Skywatching: The Ultimate Guide to the Universe S06 David Levy
Spaceflight: From Sputnik to Space Shuttle (DK) S07 Giles Sparrow
Space Shuttle: The 30 yrs of NASA’S First space plane S08 Piers Bizony
Starfinder S09 Carole Stott & Giles Sparrow
Star Maps:  History, Artistry and Cartography S10 Nick Kanas
Star of Bethlehem Mystery: The S11 David Hughes
Stars: A journey through stellar birth,life and Death S12 Raman Prinja
Stars and Planets: Practical Guide to Astronomy S13 Brian Jones
Stardust: Our Cosmic Origins S14 Stephen Welch
Starlight Detectives: S15 Alan Hirshfeld
Starlight Nights: The Adventures of a Star-Gazer S16 Leslie C. Peltier
Stargazing: Astronomy Without a Telescope S17 Patrick Moore
Stargazing with a Telescope S18
Starry Night Companion: Your Guide to understanding the night sky S19 Robin Scagell
Stargazers Handbook:The An Atlas of the Night Sky S20 Giles Sparrow
Stephen Hawking:    A Life of Science S21 Michael White & John Gribbin
Stephen Hawking’s Universe: The Cosmos Explained S22 David Filkin
Sun and the Amateur Astronomer: The S23 W.M. Baxter
Sun, Earth & Sky S24 Kenneth Lang
Sun Kings: The Tale of how modern astronomy Began S25 Stuart Clark
Story of Jodrell Bank S26 Bernard Lovell
Telescopes and Techniques: An Introduction to Practical Astronomy T01 C.R. Kitchin
Tim Peake:  Ask an Astronaut T02 Tim Peake
Totality Eclipses of the Sun T03 Littman, Wilcox & Espenak
Two Sides of the Moon T04 David Scott/Alex Leonov
Universe In A Nutshell T05 Stephen Hawking
Universe U01 Stephen Hawking
Universe: 8th Edition U02 Roger Freedman/Kaufmann
Universe and Beyond: The U04 Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer
Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide (DK) U05 Gen Editor: Martin Rees
Until the End of Time U06 Brian Greene
Venus: The Geological Story V01 Peter Cattermole
Why is Uranus Upside Down & other questions W01 Iain Nicholson and Patrick Moore
Wonders of the Universe W03 Brian Cox
Worlds of Galileo: The Story of NASA mission to Jupiter W04 Michael Hanlon
Whole Shebang: The – A State of the Universe(s) Report W05 Timothy Ferris
Yearbook of Astronomy: 2018 Y01 Michael Hanlon
Young Astronomer: The Y02 Harry Ford
21st Century Astronomer: Practical Guide to Observing T06 Patrick Moon & Peter Lawrence
21st Century Astronomy T07 J Hester