Live Astronomy YouTube Channel

As mentioned to members, we have adopted some novel approaches in these challenging times. One new way to keep some kind of connection with EAS members, is with a new YouTube Channel Terry has set up a for his Willingdon Observatory. The idea is to Live Stream some astronomy sessions so people can ‘chat’ and comment in real time.

The plan is to use the Society’s Meade 5in APO Refractor and ATIK Infinity CCD camera to Live Stack various astronomical objects, although other astro gear may be used, and various MacBooks and Raspberry Pi’s!

The broadcasts are also recorded and so can be viewed anytime later at your leisure i.e. during the daytime!

As there have been occasional technical challenges – some sessions may end up being recorded rather than live streamed! We will send an email to members when a live stream (or recording) is planned, it depends on the weather, and Terry of course!

The current index of broadcasts is:

No. 1 – 19 Apr 2020 – M13

No. 2 – 22 Apr 2020 – Live Stacking – M13 (again), M64, M65, M66, NGD3348, C/2019 Y4 Atlas

No.3 – Comets

No. 4 – Saturn

No. 5 – Mars – How to image planets.

No. 6 – Live Stacking M31, M42, and the Moon

Broadcasts will hopefully take place once or twice a month – although Astronomical Darkness is getting shorter and disappears altogether between about the 21st May and 21st July.